Are We There Yet?

January 13, 2011

Are We There Yet?

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I participated in a Critical friends group this week where we considered assumptions in statements using the cafe protocol. I looked at the statement ‘No Child Left Behind’.  Just how many assumptions we take for granted in such a simple phrase was a revelation to me. So I decided to look at 21st century learning in the same way using the question ‘Are We There yet?

Are We There Yet? Assumes:

We know our destination and how we are getting there.

Where are we headed? We can’t decide how to get there until we know where we are going. This is a hard concept to grasp, taking the focus away from the hardware and moving it on to the learning. What does a 21st century learning environment look like? Do we  understand the 21st century skills and how to integrate them to a 21st century learning environment? Are we blinded by the glitz of web 2.0 tools? Do we get how to use them to support student learning and understanding? Do we see the importance of Personal Learning Networks and how they impact teaching and learning?

So many cliches. So much excitement about the latest web 2.0 tool. So little understanding about how to use technology to support student learning. So many arguments about the digital divide, equity of access and  the availability of technology in school as barriers to using technology. As an integration specialist this is my life.

So how do we move beyond this? This is what this blog is about, moving towards the answer to the essential question: Are We There Yet?


January 12, 2011

Hello world!

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Welcome to Are We There Yet? This is my blog about 21st century learning. The title: Are We There Yet? Asks an interesting yet simple question, which is loaded with assumptions. It also raises many questions in my mind, all of which I’m eager to discuss, so let’s get started…

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